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Everyday Creativity

Follow Your bliss and you will always feel Joy, when you feel Joy, success will find You!


Special Floating Programs for Improving Your Creativity

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” – Buddha


Special Floating Programs for Healing and Therapeutic Purposes

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”   -  Mark Twain


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Float Pods are sensory deprivation tanks that simulate a zero gravity sensory free environment, allowing mind and body to be removed from all stimulus and distractions.

In this environment an opportunity is created to calm body and mind, resulting in true rest and relaxation.


Originally float tanks were developed in the 1970 an extension of research into the effects of sensory deprivation and the work was performed by the CIA to evaluate sensory deprivation as an interrogation-resistance tool.

Finding authentic self is the key to happiness.

everyday creativity

Research shows that creative thinking involves making new connections between different regions of the brain, which is accomplished by cultivating divergent thinking skills and deliberately exposing ourselves to new experiences and to learning. While research psychologists are interested in tapping innovative thinking, clinical psychologists

sometimes encourage patients to use artistic expression as a way to confront difficult feelings. Many people feel that they have no or very limited creative ability even people who work in creative fields! However, innovation is not some divine gift; it’s actually the skilled application of knowledge in new and exciting ways. The truth is that creativity can be acquired and honed at any age or any experience level. When a person learns new information, sleeping or enjoying a distraction allows the unconscious mind to process the data in novel and surprising ways, thereby laying the groundwork for a creative insight or breakthrough.

Step close to your authentic self.

Floating provides a means to pause the hectic, saturated world and enter a state of deep mental and physical relaxation. By giving yourself a break from the endless input of sensory stimulation, your mind has a change to recharge, rest and emerge to face the world with renewed perspective and energy. Many floaters report an enhanced state of mental clarity

and elevated mood for several days following a float session, and almost everyone says it helps their sleep. John Lennon was pioneer in many respects and in 1979, he credited floating therapy with helping him a debilitating heroin habit. He said a flotation tank made him feel as healthy as he'd ever felt and that floating reminded him of getting without the detrimental effects..Research has shown the floating increases the secretion of endorphins while reducing the levels stress related neurochemicals. This can lead to increased happiness and a sense of well-being in the floating.

You are a Hero!

You have a talent! Yes you have, and yes, I am talking to you now!


Everyone of us are good in doing something, even if you haven't got any idea so far, I assure you that you got a story to tell! Your story is full of lessons and wise teachings, you story is full of magical coincidences, marvelous miracles and unexpected twists, there is a high mountains and wonderful hollows, there

is   a  locked doors in the wall and hidden caves to find, there is a lot of losings and much of findings, there is a sadness and sorrow, there may be betrayal and may be forgiveness, there is an happiness and joy, there is a darkness and there is a lightness!  Yes, your story contains all of this!


And even if you haven't find your talent yet and you maybe are not sure in which direction  you should continue, don't sweat it, come and join with the amazing community of the floaters, come and give your brain a break that your creativity, inner peace, love, joy and beauty could rise beyond the mind!  Come, share your story and listen stories of others. Monthly  Storytelling circle in the Creativity Hub!


Free your Being!

Whenever you are an artist or musician, teacher, gifted magician, speaker, life coach or just a good mother or father, you do have a story to tell or may have some skill or gift to share, come and find out where the real peace of mind may take you.


DoorToMe Creativity Hub is giving you a free floating in order you could share your knowledge, story or skills to the other floaters.

We are proud to launch soon a Special Program designed for the gifted and talented people, and with this announcement we mean You!


Yes you read correctly, this program is specially designed for you and we are going to give you a free floatings, whenever you feel confident to share something  from your life, from your experience, share your story or something you do and are skilled at.


If you are an artist or musician, come and see where your creativity may take you while you are in the state of  real peace!

If you are a businessman, before an important meeting come and see where your brilliant mind leads you  while there is no any sensitivity interruptions involved!


Mindset: Health & Fitness + Two Floatings

This coaching includes two floating sessions and two special audio trainings that tunes your mind in to different way of thinking.

The training will master your mind with   giving an understanding why to stop a  bad eating habits and gives you a serious motivation that the  ultimate transformation in your mind could take a place.


(norm €120) € 109.-

Mindset: Financial Abundance + Four Floatings

This coaching includes four  floating sessions and special audio training. Four audio trainings will deal with your very personal financial life.

It will shift your understandings and goes deep dealing with creating your financial abundance and your career. It  tunes your mind that you can make a dramatical changes in your finances.


(norm €240)€ 189.-

Mindset: Love Life + Two Floatings

This coaching will take an under observation your love life. It goes deep  and will shake some true believes you have so far.

It gives you an exact tips and guides  how you can significantly improve your existing love relationships or find and build up a new one.



(norm €120) € 109.-

Mindset: Life Purpose + Four Floatings

It may be hard periods in the life time when we may be losing the sparkle or we are not sure what next. This powerful mindset will guide you

how to go trough that and will set an order in your thinking. You will be able to visualize your path and clear your mental noise. This is a deep mental practice that wakes you up!


(norm €240)€ 189.-
























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